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Liquid Soul Hydration & Wellness

Offering Individual, Group Therapy, or Hydration Parties to meet all your needs. 

R e s t o r e .   r e n e w .   r e p o w e r  

Liquid Soul Hydration & Wellness is a mobile/concierge wellness company that helps clients optimize their mind, body, and soul through a variety of IV Nutrition and Hydration therapies.  Our professionally licensed and trained healthcare team can help you choose the best infusion therapy for your needs.  We provide safe, efficient, and high-quality services in the convenience of your home, gym, business, or wherever you need us. You can also come visit us and get a comfy, cozy, spa-like experience in our Hydration suite.


The Mind


The Body


The Soul


optimizing wellness the innovative way

At Liquid Soul Hydration & Wellness, we want to help you achieve your best self and we sincerely want to know what we can do to help you achieve that. Have physical or mental fatigue?   Do you want support with weight loss?  We have just the drip for that!  Need increased immunity during flu/cold/Covid season? Struggle with Vitamin D deficiency?  We have a vitamin shot that can help!  Need pre-/post-surgical fluid support?  We can help with that!  We have short term and long term solutions to support your goals. Feel free to contact us to schedule a consult or to learn more! 

Choose Your Wellness Path


Hydrate & Detoxify the body

Restore Energy

Immune Support


Ideal for further drip customization


Faster Results

Vitamin/Mineral Boosters

More Effective than oral supplements



Let us come serve you in Simpsonville,

Greenville, & Spartanburg areas



Come to us

512 S.  Main St.

Simpsonville, sc 29681

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