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Wellness shots Menu

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Benefits of vitamin injection therapy:

faster results

more effective than oral supplements

easier to absorb directly into the cells

Can be added to any visit FOR AN ADDITIONAL $30

b-12:  Boost energy & Mood; helps increase red blood cell production; regulates                     sleep

epic immune:  Ultimate immune boosting blend; strengthens immune system; maintain healthy immune response; contains Glutathione, Vitamin C, Zinc

vitamin d3:  Improves mood sleep functions; increases serotonin production; aids in boosting immune system; improves bone & muscle strength

toradol:  Non-narcotic pain relief; anti-inflammatory medication' provides relief  for headaches, body aches, & joint pain; can be added to IV therapy

zofran:  Non-drowsy; reduces nausea; aids in relief from vomiting; can be added to IV therapy

epic burn:  Boost energy & increases metabolism; strengthen immune system;      contains B-complex, MIC/B12, Carnitine, & Lidocaine

gac:  Boost energy & Increases metabolism; reduce joint & muscle inflammation;  contains glutamine, arginine, carnitine,

glutathione:  Master Antioxidant; detoxifies the liver & cells; improves immune      system; slows down the aging process; brightens & improves the skin;                   improves mental focus and clrity; can be added to IV therapy

coq-10:   Boost energy & balance mood; helps build collagen; improves                   cardiovascular function; enhances cognitive function

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